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Tamba Villas


Tamba Villas Thalpe, a collection of 37 luxury villas, is the collaborative vision of Eduard Hempel and Shakticola. Together they have put in place a top-class team for the creation of a beautiful estate, with cultivated waterways and landscaped tropical gardens. Eduard Hempel has been living and working in Real Estate in the Galle area since 2003, and has a wealth of experience in creating and developing successful real-estate projects in Sri Lanka. Trevor Morgan runs Shakticola, a design and project management company based in Galle which is responsible for some of the most high-end, luxury villas and boutique hotels along the south coast of Sri Lanka.

Exclusivity and privacy are what makes Tamba Villas an exceptional residence in one of the most sought after areas in the south of Sri Lanka, Thalpe.


Tamba Villas will offer you your own piece of paradise.

When you enter the gates of Tamba Villas you will know you are living somewhere pretty spectacular. Beautifully landscaped gardens welcome you home, as your eyes are inevitably drawn to the lush scenery and stunning architecture around you.

Tamba Villas is perhaps a misnomer as it offers seven types of charming and spacious units for the most part on either the ground or first floor. However, the design and feel is more villa like than apartment like and this feeling is enriched by each home having its own private entrance on the ground floor. Tamba Villas are nestled comfortably in clusters of five or six homes and each cluster set comfortably around their own generous swimming pool.


Each building has been named after a historical tea plantation with the ground floor villas being called Gardens and the First-floor villas being called Galleries. The seven different styles, the two-bedroom homes are named Lodges, Quarters, Suites, Cottages while the three-bedroom homes are Villas, Mansions and Residences.

Tamba Villas is colonial in style, yet modern in design with each villa designed with the smallest attention to detail and care. Homeowners have ample space to enjoy courtyards and terraces overlooking the elegantly landscaped tropical gardens and pools and every villa boasts spacious balconies or verandas.

Tamba Villas has captured the simplicity of the Sri Lankan lifestyle while affording modern comforts. Each villa is unique in design and with seven different styles in several different locations throughout the estate; you are spoilt for choice. Each villa also offers a staff room and a secure, lockable store room.

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